Bisley - 6th October 2018

So the winter season has arrived and we now officially return to race indoors until next spring. We now see the arrival of our indoor team - Viking Warriors - and this weekend it consisted of Millie (returning to start dog), Charly, Jack and our sync dog Lola run by Cliff. Unfortunately Sheena could not be with us this weekend as her handler had to work - sorry Sue - we missed you though.

We were in a division of 3 teams again for this meeting held west of London at Bisley and run by Tails. We were up early to day to get there by 7am but as usual the dogs were raring to go. We knew that the racing was going to be tight today as both Recall and Brighton were chasing us on time.

The first race against Recall we won by 3 heats to 2 so had a good start. Millie was on form putting in a fastest time of 3.99 s but with 2x 4.01's a 4.08 and a 4.12 as well. Charly put in a 5.19 sec in the 2nd heat.

The next race against Brighton we took by 4 heats to 1 and Jack put in a pb of 5.43 sec in the 2nd heat. Our best time of the day was recorded in the 1st heat of this race at 19.72 sec.

Recall were raced again and we took 3 heats of the 4 with steady 20 sec heats.

The final race against Brighton was a total laugh as we had spoken to them prior to the race and they knew that if they took all 4 heats off us we would tie in number of heats won (although we had had a faster time recorded than them). We did however manage to take 3 heats with Tina now honing down her starts with Millie again after so long as anchor dog. Charly put in a 5.11 pb in the 3rd heat so had run very steadily all day finally averaging 5.44 for all day. Again our times were steady 20 sec heats.

At the end of the day Viking Warriors picked up 1st place in the division a good start to the indoor season.

A mention for Tina is required here as she had not run starts with Millie for ages - she managed not to exceed 0.20 start all day so a general pat on the back is required. We all had fun although the day was long - as they often are in winter both arriving and leaving in the dark - but at least the journeys are usually hassle free!!

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