All4One - Raystede 10/11 July 2021

This weekend saw us back in the lanes after a 15 month Covid break ...

New members came alone to join us with a group of 6 campers on Friday night and 5 on Saturday.

Well - what an experience.

Saturday was sent to really test us, racing was delayed until lunch time due to continuous rain and we pulled our open team for safety. Our Little League guys started off really well but unfortunately we had to retire the team.

Molly and Flossie had their first PC slots and we were really pleased with how they both coped and the improvements they made.

Sunday was a different ball game, the sun came out and the weather stayed dry. Our League team were in Division 1 (seeded 3 out of 4) going up against some of the faster teams, so we were just looking to get back to having fun and racing the dogs. They did an amazing job pulling off 5 heat wins in the first 6. We had some brilliant banter with our friends Purple Dynamics who pipped us to 2nd place by just 1 heat and we are looking forward to the rematch in a couple of weeks. We came home in third place and the bronze medals. Massive thank you to my team mate for handling our dog, Zarah, she's really loving racing with you...

The Little League dogs from Saturday went back into the ring in a pc slot together. In the first slot they all raced together as a team and then on the last two they were split into pairs and raced against each other. Everyone really enjoyed it and it gave them all a boost after having to pull out on Saturday.

Luna and her handler Josh had their first PC slot also on Sunday and we were over the moon with how well they both coped and enjoyed it. Luna made some amazing progress we just need to work on holding that ball!!

Thank you to all the team members for all your help with the lights and equipment over the weekend, you all pulled together really well and supported each other in the racing - which is what it is all about. Looking forward to the future now and roll on our own competition at the end of this month.

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