westmoorlands - ready 2 fly

Friday 27th April saw Wash Warriors Flyball Club taking their first outing as a brand new club up to Ready 2 Fly's Event in Cumbria.

We travelled 6 hours to the venue with a diversion to pick up a set of lights. We arrived at the venue early evening, to a glorious sunny evening with stunning views.

Wash Warriors were racing on Saturday syncing dogs from Storm Chasers and Reiver Rebels. We had amazing support in and around the ring. Dolphins and Reiver Rebels provided us with Box Loaders, Ball Collectors, Times and Lines person.

All dogs were amazing, they all ran really well:

Jack: shared starts with Summer. This was Jack's first event without a runner encouraging him down the lane, he took it in his stride and after a bit of a stumble on the first leg he soon started racing the other lane to the best of his ability.

Charly: this dog always seems to amaze me, he put in the best times he has run in a long time, dropping from 6 seconds to 5.2s-5.4s.

Millie: was astounding, she never fails to do what I ask of her, having always run start dog in the whole of her racing career, I asked this little girl to drop back into the pack to 3rd dog, (due to the poor weather coming up to the event we only had three training sessions for her to practice) but she did everything I asked of her, she even held her times of 4.1s-4.2s.

Our guest dogs were Summer and Amber.

Summer: shared starts with Jack and ran her little paws off for us, Sandra did some amazing starts not having run starts for a while.

Amber: brought up the rear as 4th dog and ran all day. Tom being a relatively new handler did awesomely well. Amber came away with her Cadet award that evening, so a huge congratulations to Amber and Tom.

I do believe our guest dogs and handlers thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We look forward to the pleasure of Amber and Tom's company at Leverhulme, Oswestry and the UKFL Champs.

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