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Friday 25th May saw us travelling to Leverhulme, Cheshire, on the banks of the Mersey for our next event. This was a bank holiday so we were booked to race both Saturday in League and Monday in Multi-breed.

This weekend we were joined by our newest member Sue Cahill and her collie Sheena. Our journey was wet but relatively uneventful whereas Sue had a long horrendous journey with too much traffic. However by Friday evening we were all camped up and enjoying each other’s company.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. We were joined by Amber and her handler Tom today, who shared a place with Jack. Dolphins and Reiver helped us with box loader, line, times and ball collectors again.

Sheena - ran starts and put in her best ever time of 4.26s, dropping out for 1 race in the afternoon.

Charly - ran all day again as our height dog and as usual was as steady as a rock, his best time of the day was 5.28s.

Jack - had recently been put in the middle of the pack, running 3rd, which has wound him up like a clockwork toy! He ran brilliantly and put in a best time of 5.16s (not sure where that came from). He certainly seems to have found his place in the team – more by accident than intention!

Millie - was her usual self but a little slower than usual. We put this down to running in the pack and Tina’s changes!!!! On the one race she ran starts she put in a 4.01s (with a .16s start).

Amber – ran with Lisa handling in the morning until Tom joined us after a previous night out. She fitted in really well again and is a pleasure to have along. Her best time of the day was 5.42s.

The team had a great day finishing 2nd in the division, with great tight racing in the afternoon with the winners Cheshire Oggies. A big mention for Sheena today as she gained her Cadet award (300 pts) which we celebrated with a great BBQ. During the evening we took part in a quiz arranged by Ready2Fly and then Tina and Sue ended up talking till midnight whilst Chris and Julia hit the sack!

Sunday was a rest day for Chris, Julia, Sue and the dogs. Tina however took control of ring 2 all day judging, overseeing etc and working towards her level 2 judging. Julia and Sue went for a walk with Zarah and Sheena down to the Mersey and enjoyed the wonderful park and an ice cream too!

Monday dawned bright and sunny again and even hotter than Saturday and Sunday. Today Amber joined us again and we also had Tess with handler, Kirsty running as Indian Warriors – our multibreed team name.

We ran all our races in the morning but due to the heat races were cut down to 3 heats in the afternoon. Sheena and Millie shared a place as did Jack and Tess.

Sheena – put in another personal best today of 4.24s, taking 0.02s off Saturday’s time.

Charly - ran all day again keeping his times down in the morning but slowing slightly in the afternoon.

Millie - put a personal best time in of 3.84s today, back on starts again in that particular heat. She does like that position!!!

Jack – was tired today, he ran in the morning but lost his cool and we rested him in the afternoon. He zonked out all afternoon but came out later and looked as fresh as a daisy.

Amber – was her reliable self and ran all day apart from 4 heats.

Tess – ran all day apart from the first 3 heats.

Yet again we had great racing, coming home top of the division – thank you to all our competitors during the day. We finished the day off with another great BBQ and a relaxing evening.

As a team we had a great weekend, definitely a venue we will be returning to – thank you Dolphins. We loved having Amber and Tom again, it was a pleasure to run with Tess and we trust that you all had a good time.

However we must welcome Sue and Sheena to the team. You fit in so well – it was meant to be. We had such a laugh and now look forward to the future with uplifted hopes.

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