Southridge RSPCA - Hotshots

Our next outing was on 3rd June and a day trip to Southridge RSPCA centre to join Hot Shots. Today we ran as Wash Warriors in League and were joined by Adrian Miller and Galilea.

Sheena, Charly and Millie ran all day with Jack and Galilea sharing a spot.

We had been timing the dogs during practice the week before and realised that they were running faster than expected when we put our declared time in for the comp, so we were expecting to break out of the division. We had decided that we wanted to see what our 4 club dogs could do on their own so went for times today to help us set declared times for the future.

Gordon Boffin helped us boxloading, Helen Miller was on the line, and Banbury took our times for us. Isabelle from Northants collected our balls for us and Racing Herts helped us with our Jump Heights.

The second heat of the day saw our first break out, putting in a time of 19.93s – we knew they could do it!!! This ended up the fastest time of the division at the end of the day. During the day we broke out twice more with times of 20.12s and 20.34s. We were definitely in the wrong division today!!

Sheena – ran starts all day with Sue putting some steady start times in.

Charly – ran steady all day putting in times between 5.2s – 5.7s.

Jack – ran well again in 3rd position in the pack, his best time of the day was 5.58s.

Millie – ran all day putting in slower times than usual but again running at the end of the line up or middle pack.

Breaking out 3 times meant that officially we were disqualified from the division but there were only 3 teams in this division so we came home with a 3rd place rosette after all. Big celebrations were had by us today as Charly gained his Cadet Advanced Award (1000 pts).

Thank you to Banbury, Northants, Racing Herts and Helen Miller for the assistance during the day and for Adrian Miller joining us with Galilea.

Thanks must also go to Helen Young (and ex colleague from Cambs) for the video and pictures of us racing that she sent us and to Anna Webster for the numerous photos that she took during the day.

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