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Charly - Cocker Spaniel
Millie - Border Collie
Bella - Labrador
Jack - Welsh Springer Spaniel
Zarah - Border Collie
Amber - Labrador
Shadow - Border Collie
Fern - Labrador
Alfie - X Breed (Rottweiler X)

About Us

  • Founded March 2018

  • Set up by Tina, Chris and Julia Hatcher.    Tina started Flyball in April 2013 after going to Crufts 3 years in a row and falling in love with the idea of Flyball.  She researched local clubs and we all joined Fenland Firestorm with Bella (Yellow Labrador).  After 2 years we moved on with Bella and Charly (Cocker Spaniel}, to Cambridgeshire Canines where we spent 3 very happy years.  During our time at CC’s we added Jack (Welsh Springer Spaniel), Millie (Border Collie) and recently Zarah (Border Collie/Working Sheepdog).  We have travelled extensively with Flyball both in the UK and Europe to compete in the European Championships, Millie and her team gained a 4th divisional championship win in Belgium in 2017.  During our time with CC’s we were included in hosting the most successful European Championships at Trinity Park, Ipswich Suffolk in 2016.

In early 2018 we decided as a family to embark on and run our own club and look forward to new members experiencing Flyball as we do.

  • We run with UKFL (UK Flyball League).  This organisation has two formats of racing, block and staggered.  Our aim as a club is to run outdoor during the summer and indoors during the winter, primarily in block but we are happy to run the staggered format at tournaments where needed.

  • Tina is also the Treasurer of the UK Flyball League.


Flyball Training

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

Victor Hugo

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