wood green - 4/11/2018

The first Sunday in November saw Wash Warriors competing at one of our favourite indoor venues, Woodgreen Animal Shelter and we all had an amazing day.

Our league team Viking Warriors (comprising of Sheena, Charly, Jack and Millie), ran so well. Sue’s starts with Sheena were amazing, and Sheena as usual was very consistent all day. Charly our little height dog ran all day - oh he does love his flyball!!! Jack... well was Jack, our club clown, barking his way down the run and barking back with a ball. Julia (his handler) was trying o be more consistent with Jack's release point and was trying a new one with him which caused us a total of 6 earlies into Charly, who took them like the trooper that he is!! Chris sacked her relatively early in the day - but the 2 of them continued to try, managing a little better in the afternoon and based on the fully completed timed runs Jack managed on of his best average times of the year! Millie was bringing up the rear doing what she loves the most.

We managed to get some videos of our crosses, thanks to our fabulous member Erica and I can see we all have something to work on (especially Julia)! Helen was taking our dogs times for us and we certainly had some consistent ones throughout the day. We thank both Helen and Erica for coming to support us all day even though they don't have dogs to run and it was great to meet Erica's husband Gary for a short visit too. We can’t thank Gill and all of Spanish Rapidz plus our friends at RPM for all their help throughout the day. Without them we couldn't have competed.

Even giving so many legs away on false crosses Viking Warriors managed to come home with 2nd place in their division holding their seed position and being pipped to the post by our friends at RPM. Hopefully we will have a rematch on 25th November when we do it all agian.

Bella (our semi-retired Lab), and Zarah (our 16 month Collie) went to play with our friends RPM Babies for the day, unfortunately Zarah’s handler trod on her foot in the second race (Tina how could you!!!) and Zarah decided she didn’t want to play for the rest of the day and would rather

rest in the van. Don't blame you Zarah........ However the heats she did run in were good and she had no hesitation in going to collect her ball and wasn't worried about running with strange dogs. All good experience for her in this new world of syncing teams.

Bella had an amazing day though and thoroughly enjoyed her self. She was the mainstay of the team with Zarah not running all day it was just as if she was saying...... 'make way I'm coming through, this is how you do it'!!!!! Julia was handling her today and was put on starts once Zarah quitted the team so it was good practice for her too!! .... Just in case she ever has to do it again. Bella did have some good starts too! RPM babies had fun all day but came home last in their division as the team ended up practicing rather than competing as some of their new dogs were not totally happy and for some it was their first competition - so absolutely green and totally new to both dogs and handlers.

Viking Warriors team line up in the background front to back, Chris/Charly, Julia/Jack, Tina/Millie, Sue and Sheena.

2nd place ribbons won by Viking Warriors

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