Wash Warriors - Emneth - 31st July/1st August

This weekend saw our first hosted event since the Covid lockdown and to our amazement for the first time ever we were full both days.

We set up as usual on the Thursday and Friday, doing more than intended on Thursday as the weather was not promising for Friday and it was a good job that we did so as Friday saw a miserable day. Thanks go to all our team members who came to help as well as Louise and her gang from Fire Dragons, and Jill from Junkyards for helping us get organised.

Our visitors arrived on Friday to set up camp and get ready for racing on Saturday which came round quickly.

Saturday was not the best of weather with delays for short downpours, however we finished the day in good time. Congratulations go to our open Wash Warriors team for Saturday, who managed to squeeze a 1st place in div 2. Team consisted of Millie (Tina), Zara (Claire), Jack (Julia), Charly (Chris) and joined by Bonnie (Jemma) for the first time. The div was tight with a tie on points with Iceni Warriors, however we managed to pip them with a 5 to 4 heat win on the head to heads. Well done all.

The evening was topped off with a club barbeque and thanks go to Ashley for cooking as well as Ian (husband to Liz) who also bought his bbq and cooked too (very unexpected). A good time was had by all we think.

Sunday was a different ballgame (better weather though), with Wash Warriors team being totally out classed in div 1!!! We were seeded 5th of 5 and came surprisingly 5th but we managed to lower our best time to 20.63sec. However fun was had by all of us and we enjoyed the banter again.

We'd like to congratulate everyone who took part in LL and PCs. We are so chuffed with all the dogs. Stan and Ash's crosses are getting better and better all the time and Claire is getting use to lights with Stan. Zena and Pickle are doing so well and we are really chuffed with these two. Milly found little league a bit overwhelming and forgot what her ball was but we think she had a bit of fun, she definitely learnt to howl over the weekend... Our little leaguers managed a 4th place so well done to all.

PCs we're awesome. We've learnt that Flossie doesn't like Emma running away so have managed to adapt the training and she's now going over one jump to the upright box and back over the jump to Emma in the run back area holding her ball all the way. Molly we've taken back to basics on her turn and need to slow her down to get her technique right. Gwyn was amazing didn't batter an eyelid with the atmosphere, concentrated on what he was doing but learnt he needs more play with the tug. Luna was carrying her ball back further than before. Flic - what a massive achievement going into pcs having only just mastered two jumps on a runback to complete all four jumps on a runback from the box line... We couldn't have been prouder, each time we go out we will get stronger!

Sunday saw most people leave, just a few hardy people remained!! We spent the eveing with Jemma,Ashley, Louise and the Fire Dragons crew who stayed with us for the evening for Pizza and a dram or two!!

A special mention goes to Holly and Glenys for running our fund raising cake stall as well as Debbie, Emma and Skye for running the raffle, for which we had masses of prizes. Funds raised over the weekend topped £600 - a massive thank you them for all their hard work and to all that supported us - we were raising these funds for the Lost Dog Capture (UKLF's charity for this year) and Ernie and Barbara's Defibrilator fund at our training/event field.

These weekends are hard work for us all but very rewarding and to our new members we hope you enjoyed it all and are ready to do it again next year!!

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