Tails We Win - Paws in the Park

This weekend (30/6 - 1/7 2018) sees us at Paws in the Park, taking part in Tails We Win's event. We were racing on a new declared time and all the dogs ran amazingly well considering the heat. Sheena's box turns held until the last race of the day, Charly ran all day being our height dog only fumbling the ball once. Jack was our star of the team, he makes everyone laugh with his talking down the lane and conversation with the box loader but he doesn’t fair well in the heat so we were over the moon that he raced most of the day. The second from last race was just a bit too much for him, so our guest dog (Barley from Essex with handler Sarah) stepped up to the mark and did some amazing runs. Millie ran last and was doing some awesome box turns. All the training we’re doing with her striding is paying off and she held her three strides off the box pretty much all day. Her times were a bit better but could still be improved. I believe this must be down to the handler's cross overs!!!

With all this going on though, we managed to pull it out of the bag and came an amazing Second Place.

I would like to thank everyone in All 4 One who helped and supported us throughout the day. We could not have raced without your help.

We are so proud of this team and all it’s achieved. We're proud of all the dogs and handlers and can’t thank them enough for all their support in this new adventure, bring on next weekend at Oswestry hosted by Storm Chasers.

Don’t forget if you're going pull up a paddling pool and a pina colada!! Palm trees will be at the ready!!!

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