Tails - Paws in the Park - Detling

Two weeks after running our own tournament we travelled to Kent and the Detling Showground, Maidstone for Paws in the Park and Tails We Win's outside tournament. Arriving on Friday afternoon and setting up the camp, Sue arrived shortly after us and Tina came along after finishing work. Supper was Lasagne, salad and garlic bread in our event shelter. As the days are drawing in and evenings getting colder Chris had bought a patio heater and for the rest of the weekend our event shelter became a little glow worm at night. Lovely and warm and bright - thanks to Sue's strip lighting.

Saturday dawned bright and early if a little damp from the dew. Tina had not had time to empty her car and had bought all the club's equipment with her which was lucky for Tails as they needed a spare box/chute for their have a go and as we happened to have the chute available they borrowed this. Also a team needed a jump board so that came out as well.

Wash Warriors were running for the first time as a 4 dog league team and looking to set a seed time. We were seeded 1st again in div 4 running against Ears a Flappin and Norfolk Wagtails. Our first race against Ears saw us have a bit of a hiccup, losing a couple of legs and me ending up on the floor after slipping on the wet grass! It was fun sitting by the gate watching Jack return past me then Millie complete her run and Sheena run again on a re run leg!! Tina had fun as she called Jack back and then ran Millie - Jack was running around the back of the lane looking for me - I was still sitting at the gate!! Not sure how we managed to win that leg!!! I got ribbed for the rest of the day as I was sitting down on the job!!! We set our fastest time of the day during the first race - a time of 19.73 secs which will now be WW seed time and during this leg Charly ran a PB of 5.05 secs - where did that come from little man?

Our next race was against Norfolk whom we took all 5 legs off- sorry Norfolk. But we ran well with times ranging between 20.12 and 21.08 - nice and steady and Millie managed to put in a 4.02 during this set of heats.

The third race - against Ears was less eventful for me as I managed to stay on my feet this time. We only lost one of the 4 heats and the last race against Norfolk was another 4 straight legs - sorry again Norfolk. However Jenni had loads of fun and our steady racing made her dog put in a PB - so she was happy.

Dropping only 3 legs all day meant that we won the division so we all collected our rosettes at the end of the day. Sue really came into her own today - having had a bit of a setback at Drax with confidence in her starts. She had some really good times today ranging from 0.02 to a couple of 0.25's (ignoring the 2 false starts!!) 13/18 starts were 0.20 and under - well done Sue. Thanks go to Emma who boxloaded (for the very first time) for us brilliantly, Cliff for noting our times and Maria for doing our line.

Supper was a Chris BBQ as only Chris can do. Followed by plum and mulberry crumble (Lisa was with us in plums if not in body as she had bought us the plums at our WW event).

Sunday was a slightly slower start but we had joined up with Fire Dragons Little Leage team with Zarah to give her a second outing. She amazed us all, running all heats and even clocking a 4.5 second time, picking the ball off the floor each time and behaving herself brilliantly in the ring. She took no notice of the other team dogs and was ready ready ready to run again as I called her down the lane on starts. The whole team ran well winning the division so yet another rosette was picked up (Zarah's 1st 1st!!).

We had some training time booked with Joe after racing had completed with both Millie and Zarah. Millie was up for it having spent the day resting and we achieved what we set out to do - looking to regain her speed through a snappier box turn. Zarah, however, was knackered!! She did a couple of box turns but quickly decided she had had enough for the day so Joe advised us how to get her to transmit from chute to box - we have lots to do with both dogs now in training.

Travelling back was fun - the M20 was closed due to them dismantling a footbridge and there had been an accident on the M2 so there was a massive traffic jam on the M2 entry. We made a detour through the middle of Maidstone to rejoin the M20 at J4 after the closure. However it was a pretty clear run after this and we were home around 9.30 pm.

Yet another brilliant weekend of racing for the club and a good time had by all. Looking forward to Oswestry at the end of the month and the final BBQ of the season.

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