Storm Chasers - Oswestry - 29/30 Sept 2018

The last weekend in September saw us trekking back to Oswestry - now one of our favourite venues - for the last camping competition of the summer. We travelled Friday and set up camp next to the hall where racing would be, as it was an indoor tournament - the last of Storm Chasers' Autumn Challenge.

Saturday saw Wash Warriors competing with Sheena, Charly, Jack, Millie and Amber - this time run by Tom. The first race was against Rock on Rovers with 5 heats in the race. We won both the first 2 heats even after re-running Sheena in the first one and Jack in the second. The third heat was re-run in full twice due to fallen slats but we took them all, so started the day with a clean sweep. Drax Power Surges were unfortunately NFC(not for competition) so the next 5 heats were ours as well. Later in the day the third race against Rock on Rovers we won 3/1 with both Charly and Jack making false crosses (Jack's was by a whisker evidently - must shave him next time!!!) The final race was against Drax again and should have been a clean sweep - however in the first heat Jack decided that the Jack Russell in the opposing team was far more interesting than his lane or getting his ball and decided to go and play!! Interference meant we dropped a leg but 16/18 was not bad for a day's work! The team therefore came away with a first place for the final summer season racing. During the day Sheena ran steadily averaging 4.54 secs for all her heats, Charly put in a 5.24 sec heat and averaged 5.56, Jack put in a 5.52 and averaged under 6 secs whilst Millie ran a 4.13 and averaged 4.42 (although this was in one of the heats that was re-run). Our fastest time of the day was 19.59 secs thanks to Amber - who came up trumps when Jack was pulled after interfering. Thank you to Lisa and Tom for joining us for the season with Amber - we enjoyed having you all.

Sunday saw Zarah's turn for the first time in pre-cadets. She had the lanes for 3 x 6 minute sessions and was a star. The aim of the day was to get her running cleanly over the jumps, pick a ball off the floor and come back cleanly - this was with no netting or jump wings for the first time in a ring. The 1st session saw us start spotting the first jump to remind her of her job and we worked our way back over the jumps one at a time. She didn't fail once and we were thrilled. Session 2 saw us up the game - we bought Bella into the ring and ran her in the 2nd lane along side Zarah who yet again didn't fail to run cleanly - we had more trouble with Bella cleaning up all the balls and nicking Zarah's reward ball than her failing!!!! The 3rd session we upped it again with Bella running with Zarah in her lane. We started with Zarah going first and Bella crossing in to her then swapping round. Tina even managed a massive early cross with Zarah and she didn't bat an eyelid!! She never failed all day and we all ended on a high ................. we have another flyball dog in the making. We were also thrilled with Zarah's enthusiasm as she was pulling to get into the ring for the 2nd and 3rd sessions - couldn't wait evidently. We do have some work to do now as we need to get her on the box and also get her to come out of the lane to the right instead of the left!!

We say goodbye to Wash Warriors for the winter and welcome our indoor winter team Viking Warriors for the winter season. The first race is at Bisley next weekend so watch for the next blog.

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