Stoneleigh park - Northants/tails - 19/1/19

Only a week from the last outing and Wash Warriors took a road trip to Stoneleigh Park to compete at the Northants/Tails competition. Roman Warriors were out again as we had some guest dogs racing with us.

The team line up was Millie, Charly and Jack with our guest dogs Archie (handler Maria) as our anchor dog, Merlin (handler Mick) and a last minute addition of Quincy (handler Mary).

We had declared a time of 20.40 and were seeded third in our division (5).

On the first race of the day we went out with our first line up of Millie, Charly, Jack and Archie, winning all three heats with times of 20.04, 20.10 and a re run of 30.5!

Our second line up was Millie, Charly, Quincy and Archie. Quincy's strongest side was the blue lane so it was the ideal opportunity to get him racing. The first heat we only went and got a 19.11 giving the club a new record. The next two heats we hit times of 19.35 and 19.56.

Our third line up was Millie, Charly, Merlin and Archie. All three heats were run clean with times of 19.60's - 19.90's.

Our last two races were Millie, Charly, Jack and Archie putting times between 19.60s and 19.90's. We decided on the last heat of the day to try Quincy in the red lane, he ran well did a bit of a circle in the run back area but behaved himself.

We are very proud of all the dogs that raced, but especially our little Charly as he put in his best ever time of 5.07. Millie put in her best average time of 4.10 over the whole day as did Jack with an average of 5.58. Archie raced his pb of 4.56 and Merlin of 5.18.

The team only dropped 3 heats out of the 18 all day bringing home 1st place.

Thank you Northants/Tails for our wonderful Medals, we love them...

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