RV Summer celebrations - huntingdon - 15/08/2021

Today was the 1st event for Rosea Velocita and Lynnette held at Joe's venue (Holly Lodge Farm) at Huntingdon. The day was beautiful and sunny with Wash Warriors attending with Chris, Julia, Tina, Claire, Talitha and the gang.

Wow what a day today..... a massive congratulations to Brave Warriors (Stan, Ash, Pickle, Zena) coming home with a second place. I am so proud of this team, a bit rocky in the first race but soon settled down, Pickle got so brave he was like I'm not taking a ball of the floor anymore I want it in the box

Wash Warriors (Millie, Zarah, Charly, Jack) again rocky first race (Jack was on one and interfered with the other team, which is unheard of) but they ran their socks off coming home with first place.

To top the weekend off Millie and Charly reached their 10,000 Pilot Officers award on their third race, 1st heat, together, it's a very emotional award for Chris and Tina who have been vying for this for the last few tournaments, knowing it was so close to being achieved. Both these dogs are the first to gain this level of award with UKFL and we are all so proud of them.

We can't thank the club enough for all the support and help you have provided over the last 4 years to help us gain this award.

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