Northern Monkeys - Warrington - 18/01/2020

Wash Warriors travelled to Warrington to kick off the 2020 Flyball year to compete at Northern Monkeys competiton and didnt we do awesome!

Ninja Warriors were seeded in 2nd place in their division but ended up first when Storm Chasers pulled their teams. The team consisted of Dickie (Steve Lee), Charly (run by Talitha), Millie (Tina), Zarah (Julia), Fern (Lisa Iddon) and Brody (Sam Leadbetter). Dickie and Charly ran all heats with Brody running the first 1 or 2 heats in each race to maintain his box turn. Fern and Zarah were both returning to racing after their speys so they shared a spot but you wouldn't have thought it. All the dogs ran consistently hitting 6 sub 20 second times with their fastest recorded of 19.32 seconds. They won 18 of their 20 legs to come home in1st place.

Roman Warriors were seeded 5th out of 5 teams but with Storm Chasers pulling this ended up a 4 team division. The team was Sallie (Steve Lee), Jack (Julia), Skye (Ella), Blue (Sam) and Hazel (Lisa). Sallie ran lead and Hazel anchor for all heats with the other dogs sharing places. All dogs ran consistently with Skye and Ella surpassing themselves during the day and a massive shout out to Hazel going sub 5 after 3 years. There were a few hiccups but the team won 15 of their 20 heats with the placings coming down to the last race of the day between Watsons and Dolphins. Romans took1st place, just pipping Watsons to the post (thanks Dolphins!!!) Their fastest recorded time was 21.31 seconds.

We had 2 pre-cadet slots during the day one taken by Poppy and Bonnie joined by Lorraine Kidd with her dog who helped Bonnie with her crossovers. The other slot was taken by Halo (Fiona), Zac (Sophie) and Seamus (Loiuse). They all worked well improving over the 3 slots and gaining ring experience.

We would love to thank the whole team for their support, Hazell Brown for box loading for Ninjas and a massive congratulations to Chris on his first provisional judging stint, you rocked! We trust that everyone enjoyed themselves, we did especially bringing home a double 1st for the first comp of the year, what a brilliant start. Well done all.


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