Northern Monkeys - Warrington - 15/2/2020

Wash Warriors travelled up north again to play at Northern Monkeys competiton, we took 2 teams and had 2 PC slots and had another amazing day. A special mention goes to Tina here as she was the level 3 judge for the day, luckily it all ran pretty smoothly and although finished a little later than expected was an acceptable finish.

Today we had sufficient team members to take on most of the team work although thanks go to Vicki (Pegasus) who did Ninja Warriors line for us and letting Julia box load for you. Thank you to Talitha for all the support you gave us today and taking times for Ninja's and boxloading for Romans. Thanks to Jemma for taking times for Romans and Ashley for boxloanding for Ninja's. Special thanks to Heidi who came and supported us during the day with all the PC slots so that Julia could rest up a bit as she was aiming to run both Jack and Zarah. Thanks to Holly and Jemma for bringing Johnny and Bonnie respectively and giving them the experience they need in the ring in their shared PC slot. Thanks to anyone else I havn't mentioned (Sam, Jess and Lisa and Steve Lee for bringing Sallie to join in with Roman's + ?????) we love having you with us. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many club members all in their new kit.

Poppy has come on leaps and bounds working hard in her pc slots, her attention span is definitely getting better and she is now doing full runs. Kiki was phenomenal, she's such a quick little girl and we can't wait to get her in open. Bonnie and Johnny had an amazing day too, We worked on Bonnie's box turns and Johnny's crossovers and on the last session Bella came out to play in the 2nd lane as a distraction, to which Bonnie and Johnny took no notice at all.

, Roman Warriors consisted of Sallie, Jack, Skye, Blue and Hazel running at 9inches and having a blast, only dropping 2 heats all day! Julia was back running Jack, who ran all day into Sallie who winds him up well and truly!! All the dogs ran well and consistently, coming home with 1st place and a fastest time of 21.69s.

Ninja Warriors (Millie, Charly, Zarah, Fern and Brody) had another amazing day with a fastest time of 19.14s. After the first 4 races they had only dropped 3 heats but were a bit slower in the last race and were trounced by Winslow who were running 18.83s... However the team only dropped 6 heats all day and came home with an amazing 2nd place.

A special mention this competition goes to Millie who retained her favourite spot on starts running an amazing 3.89s (twice running sub 4 secs) and averaging 4.09 all day. This little girl never ceases to amaze us, she absolutely loves her flyball and has a ball every time she races!!

Massive congratulations today also go to Sam with Brody reaching his Cadet award and to Ella with Skye reaching her Cadet Advance award. Well done to you both, you deserve it.

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