Middlesborough - Revolution - 10/2/19

The Hatcher members of Wash Warriors headed off to Middlesborough for their stop over before they hit the mats at the Revolution show on 10th February. Somewhere new we hadn't been before and we were looking forward to seeing our northern friends again. We missed Sue and Miss Sheena in the team but are looking forward to racing with them again at Newark after their winter break.

We made it to our overnight stop where we had rented a small house for the night. It was tight getting the van in (an understatement if anything) but Chris did a superb job and we relaxed with an Indian on order and wine cracked open....

With staying overnight we had a relatively gentle start as we were only about 15 minutes from the Middlesborough venue and ..... Wow.....

What a days racing it turned out to be. Roman Warriors - namely Millie, Charly and Jack along with guest dogs Dolly and Charlie from Eclipse were racing in division 4 seeded 2nd against Eclipse Chasers, Active Antics and Dundee Dynamutz.

Roman Warriors came home with a tight second place. having started off with rather a wobble. After the first two races we had only won 1 heat!!! We pulled it back on the third race taking all 3 heats, bumping us up from last place to joint second by the end of morning racing. We had another wobble in the afternoon but kept it together enough to bring it down to the last race of the day for our position.

Millie handled herself well, being swapped from lead dog to anchor dog depending on who was racing, Charly was running a bit slow but his average of 5.57 all day was very respectable. Jack put in respectable times all day with only one exceeding 6s and apologies go to both Dolly and Charlie as Jack seemed to object to either of the dogs joining us today!! He seemed to be on one all day, barking exceedingly and even going to interfere with Eclipse when a small dog was run against him - however Julia manged to save the situation and he stopped dead when called and didn't cross the line this time. Well done Jack!! Our best time for the day was 20.09 - quite respectable in the end.

Revolution put on a brilliant competition finishing on time even thought they had 85 races to complete. A massive thank you went to Eclipse for syncing with us today. Roxy Bird your dogs were fab, thank you Glen for running them. Thank you so much to Reiver for all your amazing help again today Bridget Leek-Hazel both you and your teams are amazing upport to us and up north we couldn't do it without you.

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