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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

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Northern Monkeys - Warrington - 15/2/2020

Wash Warriors travelled up north again to play at Northern Monkeys competiton, we took 2 teams and had 2 PC slots and had another amazing day. A special mention goes to Tina here as she was the level

Cambs Canines - Soham - 9/2/2020

Wash Warriors took a mix up team to Soham today. 6 dogs in the team (Millie, Charly, Zarah, Jack, Skye and Shadow) with three different line ups. We were a bit short on hands so Fire Dragons and Nor

Northern Monkeys - Warrington - 18/01/2020

Wash Warriors travelled to Warrington to kick off the 2020 Flyball year to compete at Northern Monkeys competiton and didnt we do awesome! Ninja Warriors were seeded in 2nd place in their division bu


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