Drax - 25/26th August

What an amazing weekend up at Drax. We travelled up on Friday evening and set up camp - so close to both rings too both outside and indoor in one place for a general competition that is a first for UKFL.

Saturday morning saw Wash Warriors competing as a sync team again as we had the pleasure of Amber joining us, this time with her owner Lisa handling her as Tom was working. The first 3 race heats were all run in sub 20sec time - a first for the team. We continued the day with consistent racing and times to bring home first place in our division yet again for the team.

Sunday saw Millie join Reiver Rebels, sharing a spot on starts. Unfortunately she had a twinge in her shoulder after the second race, sending her a bit lame sp had lots of rest for the rest of the day and after a heavenly massage she seems to be walking fine. However crate rest is in order for a few days and no more racing for her that weekend.

Monday saw Indian Warriors participating in Multibreed. With Millie on crate rest we ran as a 4 dog team. We had some ups and downs, Sue trying some new holds and releases on lights with Sheena and doing an amazing job. Chris had a few lights with Charly but we managed to rerun and win some heats. The first hick up of the day though was with Jack - who lost his head and decided to run round the lights, down by the side of the opposing lane, cross back over, do a box turn, collect his ball and run back over our jumps!!! A bit of a circuit really as he was still barking all the time - still a real clown! Luckily with a bit of encouragement he didn’t do it again! We managed to keep our seed time and came home with 3rd place.

Cannot thank Andy and Sam James and all of Drax for a fabulous time. What a well run show. Both indoor and outdoor racing held in one place. When the rain came on Sunday outdoor racing still continued, bringing racing indoors!

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