Cambs Canines - Soham - 9/2/2020

Wash Warriors took a mix up team to Soham today. 6 dogs in the team (Millie, Charly, Zarah, Jack, Skye and Shadow) with three different line ups. We were a bit short on hands so Fire Dragons and Northants gave us a hand. Talitha was handling Charly with Chris handling Jack and Zarah as Julia was recovering from her stay in hospital at the beginning of the week from her thyroidectomy and was banned from attending!!! Jeff was boxloading, Ella was handling Skye and Shelly handling Shadow.

The team worked hard today with the first race of the day against Essex Evolve from whom 4 heats were taken out of 5. The second race was against Rocksteady Rovers whom we beat 3 heats to 2. All 5 heats were taken off Timeshift leaving the team on 12 heats with Cambridgeshire Cock-Ups on 11. So it was all down to the last race of the day. Cambs took the race 3 heats to 2 leaving a dead heat on legs with 14 all, however as they beat us we came home with 2nd place with a fastest time clocked of 19.93s! A satisfactory end to the day as we had been seeded 3rd in the division.

Millie had a wonderful time as she was back on starts (definitely her favourite position) and she had decided she had something to prove as she was on fire today. Her slowest time all day was 4.18 with her fastest 4.01. She says she doesn't want to lose this spot team captain!! Charly ran his usual steady self as our height dog and is now getting used to running for Talitha, he only clocked one 6 sec time today and averaged 5.65 during the day.

Zarah also ran well for Chris, clocking 7 sub 5 times and an average of 5.03 during the day. Shadow ran his usual steady times averaging 4.76 running anchor.

A special mention goes to Ella and Skye who ran a new personal best of 4.93, with lots of low 5s and an average of 5.27 all day.

Jack proved a handful for Chris (Julia had a message during the day with Chris telling her 'Jack is a nightmare'). Now he understands why Julia's crosses are somewhat erratic!!! He came our for 5 heats (1 race) and spent the rest of the day resting. Never mind Jack mum will be back next outing!!!

Thanks go to all the extra teams who helped us today, taking times, ball collecting and doing the line etc. We couldn't have run without you. xxxxx

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