Bisley - tails - 12/1/19

The first outing in the new year saw the team travelling down to Bisley. Roman Warriors (our sync team) were seeded 2nd in division 3 with 3 teams racing - Dynamic Devils, Mutts N Bolts and Roman Warriors, neither of which we had raced before. The team consisted of Millie, Charly and Jack and we were joined by Merlyn (handler Mick) and Scooby (handler Karen). We had 2 races of 5 heats during the morning and 2 of 4 heats in the afternoon.

We started the day reasonably, racing the top seed Dynamic Devils taking 2 of the 5 heats, the 2nd race against Mutts N Bolts we took 3 of the 5. On checking the position at half point in racing all 3 teams were neck and neck with 6 heats each - it couldn't have been closer.

During the afternoon saw us share the heats equally with Dynamic Devils taking 2 each leaving everything to play for on the last race. We managed to take 3 of the 4 heats off Mutts N Bolts but it wasn't enough to pry 1st place off Dynamic Devils who pipped us by 1 heat to win the division. We retained our seed position at the end of the day which we were pleased with and the racing was fantastic. Dynamics told us it was the best racing they had ever competed in, so we were well pleased and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our best time of the day was 20.07, Millie enjoyed herself back on starts with a fastest time of 4.03 and average of 4.16. Charly put in a best time of 5.10 (now so close to ducking under the 5s time) and averaged 5.46, Jack was sharing a spot with Merlyn today and ran 11 heats with a best time of 5.43 with an average of 5.64.

We thank both Merlyn and Scooby for joining us and they both had a great day.

At presentation Merlyn picked up his cadet advanced award. Tails ran the tournament brilliantly pushing the races on to finish at their earliest time. It was a still a long day having been up at 4am and home about 10pm, but well worth it.

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