2022 round up of news/events

Well Wash Warriors are now fully back up and running since the end of the lockdowns and so far in 2022 we have attended a number of events and these are listed below along with our results.

The first event of the year was Holly Lodge hosted by Tails on 15th and 16th January where we ran the Wash and Viking teams. Wash managed a 2nd place in div 4 with a best time of 19.96 on the 15th and Vikings came 3rd in div 3 with a time of 21.22 on 16th.

Next was Newark hosted by Junkyards on 13th February. Again we ran both Wash and Vikings who both managed 1st places in their respective divisions. Wash' fastest time was 19.89 and Vikings ran 23.92.

We returned to Holly Lodge on 26th February running both Wash and Vikings again who managed 2nd in their divs this time.

On 26th and 27th March yet again we went back to Holly Lodge. Wash managed 2nd in their div on 26th and set a new seed time for the club in under 19seconds (18.93 s). Vikings came 3rd the following day with a time of 21.17s.

The next event we were meant to attend was Muswell Leys in April but there had been an extensive outbreak of KC which ran through all the club dogs so although Tina went to L3 the competition and Vicky went to run her dogs under the Wash Warriors name none of our club dogs actually ran in that team.

Naseby was next hosted by Northants on 7th and 8th May. This was our first camping outing of the year and the weather was kind to us. We ran both Wash and Vikings teams again and they both managed to come 2nd in their respective divisions. Wash also managed another sub 19 time event though it was outside and Vikings maintained their 21 s times. On the Sunday we had fun running our dogs in singles, not something we had done a lot previously and they had a lot of fun too.

The following week saw us travelling down to Brighton to attend the Southern Striders competition. We ran Wash Warriors on the 14th who came 3rd in div 2 with a time of 19.71. Vikings managed 2nd on the 15th with a time of 21.86. We also rand some singles and pairs there too.

Next was the Queen's Jubilee event held at Thirsk. Wash Wariors found ourselves running the outside ring for the weekend, which resulted in a bit of stress for the club members. However all ran smoothly for us with about 2 1/2 days of racing outside. Wash and Vikings ran on the 3rd June both managing 1st places in divs 2 & 3 respectively with times of 19.90 and 21.56. Ninja and Pegasus Warriors ran on 4th June managing 3rd and 1st respectively. Pegasus Warriors is made up of a mixture of Pegasus and Wash Warriors dogs who synced together nicely for a good result. The 5th of June was busy to say the least with a Multibreed competition of 1 division, singles and pairs. Out of the 17 races Wash Warriors dogs ran in 13 so we never seemed to be out of the ring!!

Our teams for the day were Indian Warriors and Highland Warriors who managed 1st and 2nd respectively and for the first time we had 2 head to head races with no mishaps!!

The last competition we have attended to date is Live Wires and Sutton Fields on 18th and 19th June. We ran Wash and Pegasus Warriors on 18th who came 3rd and 2nd in their divs, on 19th we ran Wash and Vikings who managed 3rd each in their divs, however they were both outclassed in their divisions even though they were still running 19 and 21 second times.

During the year Vicky and her daughter Abi have joined the club to run their dogs Myst and Storm although Vicky is still running Pegasus dogs with whom we have been syncing during the year.

As an experiment and for experience we have been running a team which we are intending to attend the crufts qualifying event in a couple of weeks run by the BFA. We don't hold out a lot of hope as the dogs have been having trouble in hitting the earlier 18 second times but we aim to have a bit of fun with them and are crossing our fingers loads............

During the year Charly has gained his Flying officer advanced award, keeping up with his sister Millie. Both are now well on their way to the Flying officer superior award.

We now have more dogs running in open. Ash (handler Talitha) is running low 4 seconds and proving to be an excellent start dog in Viking Warriors. He had already gained his

Cadet and Cadet advanced badges.

Both Indie and Bessie (handler Ashley and Jemma) are both doing really well with both of them gaining their Cadet badges. We are still working hard with them (Indie on her chasing and Bessie on her spinning and leaving her handler) but they are gaining in confidence every time they go out.

Willow started racing in January and proving a really solid dog and gained her Cadet award as well. She is currently on a time out as she expecting a litter any day so we look forward to having her back in training soon.

Coming up is the Statfold event (BFA) and UKFL championships and in between these is our own event in July which is full and going to be a busy weekend.

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