Bespoke Flyball Equipment
Flyball Boxes

Flyball boxes are available in Standard form, or Custom Built to your specification.

A Standard box is:

30” x 20”, 50 degree, 4 hole, split face plate, vinyl covered 6” x 3” high density foam knee pad.


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Custom Boxes

These are made to your specifications, for example:

  • Snub Nose

  • Single Plate

  • 60°

  • 2 holes



You could have a 28” x 18” single face plate on a 24” body.

All boxes are covered with 16mm Super Soft Tuff Spun.

The boxes are designed to be as light as possible - typically weighing in at 19.5 kilos.

Prices are according to requirements, and will be quoted at the time of order, prices range from £600 to £960.


It takes two to three weeks to build.

Training Boxes

These boxes come with a 24” base, single face plate, sized to suit your requirements. 

They have two telescopic legs which can be quickly adjusted to suit the face plate angle for the dogs in training.  A base stop position is available  to a top angle of 60 degrees.


Holes can either be cut into the faceplate/tuff spun, or Velcro can be used for holding a ball, but there are no triggers.  The face plate is covered with 16 mm Super Soft Tuff Spun.

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Training boxes are not suitable for competition and are built for training only.

Prices start from £500. These take three to four weeks to build.

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Triggers are made in house, they can be purchased either singularly, in pairs or sets of four. 

A standard trigger can be purchased, which comes with a 7.75 Lbs (spring rating), these are suitable for all dogs, however, higher rated springs can be supplied if a faster release is required.

Triggers are made to be flush mounted or stud fixings, they are fully adjustable, to suit most applications.

Triggers start from £80 each, a set of triggers takes a week to build, if not already in stock.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance, repairs and repaints of all boxes and box equipment undertaken, please contact Chris for a quotation.

Contact Information

For further information on the Warriors Flyball Boxes  please contact Chris Hatcher:

Mobile: 07949 019937